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Presentation Topics & Outcomes

Stone has been a choice for façades forever. We all know that. However, the impression we are told by Architects is that is for iconic museums, luxury retail, and ivy league universities. That has changed over the past few years, and we are here to educate you on how stone facades, and stone in other applications, can be much more “approachable” for you for so many more projects. This is a technical, business and architectural education opportunity. We will also leave you with the top things you, as an Architect or Designer needs to do to be successful. 

Limited spots in Q1 2020


1. Level set. Summarize how stone gets on facades and other applications. Brief overview to ensure all parties on the same page. Set stage for why we assert stone is more ‘approachable’.

2. Top 5 things Architect or Designer needs to do to be successful. Start to finish guide.

3. Approachable: How things have changed to make stone more useful more applications

a. Material choices expanding and well understood; capability of material understanding much greater; geographic sources have expanded; something for most budgets; opportunity for value engineering up front; Images of different quarries around the world with discussion around variety and availability. 

b. Design collaboration; idea to model more thorough, more useful for benefits downstream; exploring ideas easier; impact to entire building on aesthetics, budget and constructability more accurately; it’s not all just technology though, and we will cover BIM or not to BIM; design with respect to codes, LEED, sustainability; resiliency goals.

c. Design to fabrication integration; precise execution is easier; eliminating errors and cost; options expanded; quality built in and less human dependent with technology that enables craftsmanship. 

d. Impact to entire building well understood; collaboration between façade designer, structural engineer, other elements of building are well understood; opportunities for value engineering up front. 

e. The Team: mature service providers; opportunity to leverage expertise while maintaining competitive pricing options; lessons learned on large projects leveraged to smaller projects. 

f. Summary of key points supporting stone façade and other applications are more approachable and useful for more and more building projects.

4. Case studies

5. Back to top 5 things Architect or Designer needs to do to be successful with this new understanding of how stone is much more approachable than in the past, or possibly compared to your previous perception; thoughts; review; discussion; Q&A.

Image Provencher Roy Museum of Fine Arts Montreal 2012 Pinnacle Award Winner (click on photo)