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Stone as a façade – a short term opportunity – read more.

PICCO Engineering and Facade Systems Inc is offering an educational, technical course on stone facades: Stone is much more approachable than you might imagine. See course outline.

Architects and PICCO Engineering have been very busy over the past couple of years. Fantastic projects with firms such as Antoine Predock (Centre for Human Rights), Architects Alliance (Delta Hotel, Four Seasons Hotel), Foster and Partners (Apple Cupertino), Moriyama and Teshima Architects (Aga Khan Museum) have gone very well. Very interesting, challenging jobs, and went very well. You may want to know how they were accomplished.

We have a window of opportunity for you. Stone is a much more ‘approachable’ solution than you might have first considered. Fabrication techniques, tight integration of modelling and fabrication, and innovation in attachment technologies has brought the installed costs of stone down. There are many choices of stone nearby. Its sustainable with low impact to global warming. 

PICCO Engineering and FSI are offering a brief, no obligation, education session on Stone Facades. A chance for you to consider stone on a current job, update your knowledge personally, or to gather a small group of your designers and sharpen your knowledge. We will cover 1. Projects 2. Details and attachment technologies and 3 the affordability of stone facades. Session will be one hour. 

Please respond promptly. Windows of opportunity are real, as project constraints limit time. Education is important to PICCO Engineering, but time is of the essence.

As a last taste, we’ll show how we have designed the first free standing, post tensioned stone stairway. It’ll stun you and get you thinking of design ideas.

Facade Systems Inc and PICCO Engineering

Facade Systems Inc and PICCO Engineering are collaborating to bring stone, structural and residential engineering services to more Architects and Builders in Ontario and Quebec.